Would you like to know how to write a screenplay and where you should start? This 10-week screenwriting short course will teach you the key building blocks of constructing a great screenplay. You’ll develop the craft of dramatic writing for the screen – the principles of storytelling told in pictures and sound.

You’ll identify what you’re trying to write, then take that idea and develop it into the first 10-15 pages of a feature/TV script or a short film.

We’ll cover:

  • Log lines
  • Story archetype and genre
  • The protagonist/antagonist
  • Theme, structure (turning points, inciting incidents, beats, scenes, Acts) and story focus
  • Examine point of view
  • Opening and closing scenes
  • The use of montage

We’ll do this by doing exercises in class and by studying contemporary films (plus some old favourites). You’ll be expected to do some homework too.

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to hear your work read out loud in the form of table reads – so you can get constructive feedback from your teacher and peers.

What writers have said about this course:

“Thanks for the great time, laughs and education! Feel a lot better about writing now.”

Topic List Screenwriting For Beginners 10-week

Course name Screenwriting for Beginners
Start dateTuesday 28th January 2020
Duration10-week evening class: 6:45pm-8:45pm
Course fees£325

Did you know the Screenwriting for Beginners course tutor is also a tutor on the Film Production BA degree.